WordPress SEO: 3 Plugins to optimize your page

Last Updated:May 12, 2021

This is the definitive guide to do WordPress SEO with most popular WP plug-ins you can use free of charge but the premium versions of these plug-ins have some added fatures to get you ranked on google and bring more traffic to your website.

You can optimize the following factors with WP plug-ins.

WordPress takes care of the most of the on-page SEO factors by default and even without any WP SEO plug-in you can achieve considerable SEO performance

But there are lots of SEO plug-ins available for you to choose

List of WordPress SEO Plug-ins

Although default installation of the WP can rank your website well you can use good results when you are using WordPress SEO plug-ins.

WP SEO plug-ins help you to get more organic traffic from Google and Bing. In addition to organic traffic you can get more visitors from social media.

Technical SEO and On-page SEO are easy with WP plug-ins but the theory behind the normal HTML web site and the WordPress driven website is the same.

What you can optimize with WP Plug-ins

As you already know, there are two categories when it comes to ON-Page SEO

Technical SEO

  • Include sitemap.xml file
  • www vs non www 
  • robot.txt file
  • http:// or https://
  • Short and descriptive URL creation
  • Include the target keyword in the URL
  • Title tag optimization – include the keyword in the title tag
  • Meta Description – Write a good meta description to get a higher click-through rate, Include keyword to show the relevance to the user
  • Include external links
  • Include internal links to improve the authority of your website
  • Optimize image to improve the load speed and give a better user experience
  • Add structured data to your page

There are three popular WP SEO plugins available for you to optimize your page and they have a free version and a paid version with more features.

WordPress SEO with Yoast

Yoast plug-in has three major section called SEO,Readability and Social

Main Section in Yoast
Main Sections in Yoast SEO

Under SEO section you can do the following things

First, you have to add the keyword phrase which you are going to use to optimize your page.

Then you can see the Google preview. That is how your page is shown on the SERP when a user does a search on google

Wordpress SEO :Yoast Google Preview
Yoast Google Preview

How do you get Good state in SEO analysis?

For this post I have used the keyword “WordPress SEO