SEO Audit Service

Although you have a website with great content and awesome graphics sometimes you will not get enough traffic to your website. The main reason behind this is the technical issues with your website. So search engines will not understand your website fully and your contents are not aligned with the search intent.

You have to inspect many places on your website to check many things and that is why you need to do an SEO audit for your website. When you are doing SEO for your website you have to keep track of what you have done and you have to remember those and measure the results against those change

So our SEO Audit report reveal all the strength and weakness of your site

In my audit report I will audit following things of your website.

  1. General SEO audit
  2. Technical SEO audit
  3. Content audit
  4. UX audit
  5. Backlink audit
  6. Site Architecture Audit
  7. Pagespeed audit
  8. Indexation audit
  9. Keyword research audit
  10. Schema markup audit
  11. Google my business audit

Some of the items are quick fixing and some need assistance from an expert SEO guy.

Why do you need Audit for your website?

You may have good content for your website but you do not have enough organic traffic to your website then you should go for an SEO audit and find out the reasons for not getting organic traffic to your website.

If you believe in following three things then you should get your SEO audit report from our team

1 Do you know how powerful SEO can be for generating traffic and revenue from your website. So SEO is the best marketing strategy to bring 

2 Do you know the relationship with great content and search traffic? Although you have awesome contents in your website you are not getting enough traffic to generate revenue. Then you are doing something wrong on your website. Our SEO audit report will reveal all the details need to fix those issues

Will an audit help to bring traffic?

Yes, you can implement what is in your SEO audit report and improve the performance in search results. You can fix the issues or implement what we have suggested, by yourself or you can hire our SEO expert developers to do them.

How to use the audit report?

Our SEO audit report is a comprehensive audit report which covers almost all factors which affect the SERP in google. Once you fix these issues you can quickly boost traffic coming to your website.

Our SEO audit report consists of issues of your websites, explanation of these issues and how to fix them by yourself.

If you do not know how to fix the issues you can contact me and I will fix the all the issues listed on the audit report.

We make our checklist manually for your clients and spend at least 5-8 hours to make this kind of unique checklist for your website.

Site Architecture

Site architecture of a website is how your pages are structured and linked together. Good site architecture allows users to navigate through the site as well as search engines can crawl through the site easily and understand the content of the website.

If your site has got good site architecture you can achieve the following things

  • Google can crawl your website easily and index all the pages
  • User can reach any page quickly
  • Build link authority on your site

Technical SEO

Google is unable to crawl your website if your site has got technical issues. So technical SEO is very important if you want to get a higher ranking in Google. 

There is a misconception that technical SEO is hard to implement but that is not true.

In technical SEO, we cover the following topics.

Robots.txt file

This is a text file and you can tell the search engine where you are allowed and not allowed to access your site.

If the search engine does not need to crawl certain parts of your website you can specify it inside the robots.txt file.

For example, if the admin section does not need to be crawled by the search engine you can use the following robot.txt file.

If your website running on WordPress CMS you can add the following text to it

Fix crawl errors