One product Dropshipping

Last Updated:September 23, 2020

One Product Dropshipping Business – 10 Appealing Merchandises

Dropshipping business means selling a product on your eCommerce store to your customer and asking your wholesaler to deliver it directly to your customer. Here you don’t see the product nor stock it but earn a handsome margin!

What is One Product Dropshipping Business Model?

In this concept, you will be notionally dropshipping only one product! You can import a single product to your eCommerce store and sell 12 to 15 different product types in this one product dropshipping business model.

· Choose the niche product of your choice. Remember to choose what is trending currently.

· The main advantage is the conversion ratio is very high as you are targeting exclusive consumers.

· You can concentrate more efficiently on the marketing activities of your store and work towards higher margins.

· Also, it will be easy to offer better customer service with improved consumer attention.

· Instead of importing hundreds of products you can import only one product and sell a thousand pieces.

But there are certain lacunas in One Product Dropshipping Business Model:

· If you are new to drop-shipping business, arrange for higher budgets.

· The odds of failure are more.

· Product flexibility is limited and during lesser demand, you might lose the market share.

· This can be a short term business option.

· Cross-selling of the products for extra margins becomes impossible.

· Also, returning customers are limited as once purchased they might not require the same product the second time.

In this article, we are giving you various product ideas, which are ideal for one product eCommerce store. The blend of your maximum efforts and our product ideas will fetch you enhanced margins.

Kids Pyjamas

Usually, when you sell any cloth item to grownups or teenagers it becomes difficult to market the products. All the factors like color, size, occasion, festival, etc., need to be accounted for. You have to be very specific about the quality and texture of the material used.

But in the case of kids, parents usually are not very fussy. Because within a couple of weeks kids will outgrow the pajamas! Add various variants especially colors and designs and work towards its marketing.

Emphasize niche marketing like display feminine and masculine designs separately!

Crystal Pendants

This is one such product wherein you can import one single product and display various variants of the same. Depict various crystals with different colors, shapes, and sizes!

Remember to study the relation of various crystals and the effects of their colors. Also, understand the importance of various crystals – like Jade and Quartz crystals carry a different utility value. The person interested in Quartz will seldom opt for Jade because both have different effects on the human body!

Your product description should match exactly the effects of every crystal displayed on your eCommerce store. For example, certain crystals go excellent with white wine and some of the crystals go as per the horoscope signs.

One more advantage of this product is YOUR low purchase cost that fetches a very lucrative margin if properly priced.

Fondant Stamps or Stencils:

This falls typically into a niche product category – for those consumers who are hobbyists. Usually, it is not very easy to find fondant stamps in any of the big departmental stores or hypermarkets. Consumers who want to purchase fondant stamps will positively make a thorough search for their favorite stamps.

Why not go in front of them via your store and offer them what they want? You can import one product and offer your consumers’ different alternatives once he is in your e-store. Also, you can create a unique video and top their search results. Though you are showing one product all the variants act as different products.

Minimalist Bracelets:

NFL Soccer League is knocking the doors. Remember you cannot directly sell any of the products that are related to NFL soccer league, as it is against their rules. You will get your eCommerce store shut if you attempt to do so!

But, there is a way! The similarity between NFL soccer teams and these minimalist bracelets – Colors! The color availability of these minimalist bracelets resembles the color of all the NFL teams. Offer the customers

to choose the one they side with. You can import just one bracelet and then with one click import all the variants with around 10 bracelets into your store.

Again, do not call these bracelets with any of the team names but your creativity will play an important role in building the relationship between the minimalist bracelets and football.

Novelty Slippers

Novelty Slippers is one of the impulse buying products. They carry different creatures’ patterns like – Rabbit, Dinosaurs, Lion, and Tigers, etc.

The main advantage of these slippers is the buyers will use them, photograph them and flaunt themselves with these slippers on their social media account. Thus, it helps in marketing your product. Take advantage of and market your products on various social media platforms.

Even the margin is excellent. The buyers are not very fussy about the make of the slippers but they expect appealing design. Remember to display sizes in the US, UK, and European size charts.

Backdrops for Photographers

These backdrops lay flat on the table and then you can put other things on top of it for still photography.

Say a food photographer wants to take a picture of a soup bowl filled with one of the Chinese soups. But he wants to have it on a wooden table. Now, if he does not own a wooden table, he would like to purchase your Wooden Effect Backdrop.

If you have multiple backdrops, then you should write product descriptions separately. Usually, a photographer would like to opt for multiple backdrops. Offer a bulk discount to increase your sales.


It is a circular band of fabric having elastic to tighten your hair mostly opted by ladies. With this product, you can enter into the social media platform – Tik Tok. How?

When you are reading this article the latest trend on tik-tok is VACO Girls using Scrunchies! So import different types of scrunchies into your store and start selling them.

This product has 42 different variants and designs. Your product descriptions should be good and not very lengthy. People are more interested in the designs. This also is an impulse buy product.

Offer bulk discounts because VSCO girls have many scrunchies on their wrists.

How will you market on tik-tok? Try following the latest trends videos on tic-tok. Offer various discounts and bulk offers to those who are following VSCO girls and making fun of them.

Offer your scrunchies free of cost to the influencers and ask them to feature your product in their videos. If it is a hit, you will start selling an excellent quantity of scrunchies.

Pet Costumes:

Dog puffer jackets – puffy puppy jackets is one such product that is very hard to find in hypermarkets. Hence this product is good for your store. Target those customers who love dogs and like to purchase various types of dog puffer jackets.

Import one jacket and market its various types like shiny or dark-colored etc.

Phone Case

New mobile phones are entering the market every day. With every new phone, the trend is to purchase a matching phone case!

Choose the fast-moving mobile phone and display one of the phone cases in your store. Once the consumer clicks on that icon and enters your store, import all the colors matching that phone model. Give them different varieties to choose from.

The main marketing style suggested here is how your phone case – when flaunted in the public – can grab that required attention.


When you choose to market the latest trending products giving preference to one product dropshipping business model with fetching you high returns. The above-mentioned list of products is shortlisted after thorough research in the virtual world exclusively for One Product Dropshipping business. Remember to update one product eCommerce store with the latest trends, else you might lose the market and your store might be thrown out of the virtual market!