Install Free SSL Certificate in NameCheap

Last Updated:July 29, 2021

NameCheap gives you a free SSL certificate only for the first year of hosting then you have to buy one for around $10 and install it.

But I will show you how to get Totally Free SSL certificate and install it on Namecheap hosting.

Run the following command

curl  | sh --issue  -d -w  /home/respxpxr/

You can see the generated certificate and the key

Your cert is in  /home/respxpxr/
Your cert key is in  /home/respxpxr/
The intermediate CA cert is in  /home/respxpxr/
And the full chain certs is there:  /home/respxpxr/

Now go to cPanel and open the SSL/TLS page

Select the domain name you want to install the SSL

Copy the content of /home/respxpxr/ certificate to Certificate: (CRT) text box

Copy the content of /home/respxpxr/ key to Private Key (KEY) text box

Now click the Install Certificate button