Keyword Research for WordPress SEO

March 14, 2021

Every website owner needs a high search volume keyword with a high conversion rate.

Keywords are competitive and everyone is competing to get their site in SERP but those positions are limited.

So how can we achieve our goal of bring organic traffic to site and convert them to sales

Answer is Long Tail keywords and Low search volume keywords.

Google understands in a perfect way day by day what users are looking for when they execute search. Now google can give good answers when users enter long tail keywords. So when you build content for your website try to develop content around your topic. Do not build content around any single keyword and that is not going to work now.

If you want to analyse the keyword difficulty you can use the following tools. Each tool shows the different levels of the strength

1 SEMrush


3 Sistrix

4 Moz Pro

5 Longtail Pro

6 KWfinder


8 SECockpit

Things to remember

Do not use the traditional keyword-finding strategy where you select a high search volume keyword and develop content with an eye to get some traffic to the website. Because this method is very hard and ineffective. Instead use the following method to find promising keywords.

Your starting point is Seed Keywords

What are seed keywords?

Seed keywords are known as primary keywords, head keywords or main keywords.

Seed keywords define your niche, product or service. These keywords are very short

If you already have a website, finding seed keywords is very easy. Because you know how to describe your product or service and you can find what keywords users are typing in Google to find your site

You can look for the Google Search Console to get the idea for Seed Keywords for your established site

Seed keywords are the foundation of your keyword research and you can use it to grow the list of keywords for your content strategy

If you have a website for Article Writing service “copywriting” is one of your seed keywords.

Normally if you running a online business your seeds keywords are your products or services

If you can fill the following sentence you can easily find seed keywords for your website

My business is in the [XYZ] niche and I provide [ABC] products and services to clients trying to find solutions to [123]

How to generate keyword ideas

There are several ways to generate keyword ideas for your contents. Although you have several methods to generate keyword ideas they do not work well for certain topics or niches. 

Before doing the keyword research you should find answer to the following questions

1 What type of <product,services,info> are people searching for?

2 Who is searching for these things

3 At what time are they searching for this? – This can used to identify whether this is seasonal or not

How to find keywords to write good articles?

Find relevant keywords in your niche with very low competition and very low search volume. If you can find the correct keyword then you can use the keyword to optimize, bind and integrate to your content.

How to check google search volume

– What is the tool you are going to use?

Best tool is the Google Search Console. Other good tolls are SemRush and ahref

How to find low competition keyword

  • Grab keywords from user generated contents
  • Look keywords in Social media
  • Find keywords in Youtube
  • Get keywords idea from your support team

If you want more details about low competition keyword you can read following article

Note :

It is important to know how much traffic you are going to plan to bring to your site through google search.

You should not do keyword research blindly.

If you work with an experienced SEO guy he can roughly tell you how much each channel can bring you traffic if you invest xxx numbers on contents. This may not be accurate but you can work those figures. Most important is that now you have a goal.

If you have goal you can make a strategy to reach there

This is what we are doing here. First we are finding keywords here then we develop contents and finally we promote them

Because keyword research is endless and is better to identify the limitations of your research. Otherwise, you will end up spending lots of time when you are doing keyword research. What is important here is to find the best set of keywords and build amazing content around those keywords.

Know your keyword metrics

When you do the keyword research you will end up with lots of keywords for your topic. But you have to select the best keywords for your contents. When you select the keywords you can use the following metrics

1 Search Volume

– Most important metrics 

– Different tools has different values

– Values are different from what Google Keyword Planner  shows you.

– Understand seasonal keywords

– Most tools gives you the annual average

– does not accurate the results

2 Clicks

Although you have high search volume you can not get many clicks for that keyword. Google shows featured results with full information for particular keywords. So users do not have to click on search results to see the answer for their query

If you can get featured snippet for your website you can generate lot of traffic to your website

3 Traffic Potential

As you know keywords can have synonyms and related search queries.  So the same result page can be shown for these synonyms and related search queries. Now you find difficult to understand how much traffic will bring to your page when you are using a particular keyword

Best way to analyse 

To complete this tutorial we need to get paid tool and put some screen shots here

Understand your longtail keyword is a part of a broad topic.

Group Your Keywords

Do not select a single keyword and attempt to rank that keyword by building the content around it. If you select a single keyword and try to build content around it you will miss lots of opportunities.

In your keyword strategy you need solid keyword grouping. In this section we will see how we can group the keyword you have identified and how to implement keyword grouping in your content development strategy.

What is keyword grouping exactly?

What we do here is, we cluster the semantically related keyword together or similar keyword together. Keywords in the group should have the same search intent

Why keyword grouping is important?

So clustering these keyword helps google to understand and analyse your site easily

How many keywords for a group?

I am using 10-15 keywords for a keyword group

How to find keywords?

Why are keywords important?

If you are going to build contents for your website first you have to identify what are the things people are looking for. To get an answer to this question you have to find what are the keywords that people type in search bar in Google.

You have to have a broad understanding about what you are going to create. You can spend some time and do some research to get familiar with your contents to be created. Once you understand the depth of your topic you can start  finding the keyword.

There are several ways to find keywords and you can find your own methods to find keywords too. 


Amazon is a good place to find keyword research and it has a search engine called A9

It also shows the popular search queries like what you find in Google and Youtube

You can type the keyword in the search box and get the keyword ideas

There are good free tools for Amazon searching.

These types of keywords are good for buyer intent keywords because Amazon suggest these keywords based on the best selling products and buyer behavior 

If you are ruining affiliate marketing or e-commerce stores Amazon is the best place to look for keyword ideas.


One of the best places in the internet is the wikipedia and you find great keyword idea which you can be used to bring tons of traffic to your website

When you search in Wikipedia you will be able to identify great keyword but if you want to use them in your website you have to modify them adding some terms

If you want to get idea from wikipedia you can use the tool from

This is good tool to scrape some keyword idea from Wikipedia

More details


Largest online question and answer platform in the internet

Quora is a gold mine for SEO and content marketing. You can see tons of questions and content ideas. By looking at quora only you create tons of contents which bring millions of users to your website

You simply go through the Quora website and search for some keywords. You can grab good keyword phrases and content creation ideas.

If you are planning to build your authority easily Quora is the one stop place to do your research

You can see that Google shows Quora results in  search engines and you can see how popular those questions and answers are among users. You can find question based long tails keywords which can be easily ranked on Google search engine results


Another good place to look for keywords is the forums. But popularity of the forums are going to decrease over the time due to facebook, viber and whatsapp groups.Forums were popular 10 years back but still you can find popular forums when you search on the internet.

There are good performing forums for some niches you can harvest some great keyword ideas from these forums

You can check number of threads, post,number of comments , last updates dates and online users to identify the popularity of the forum

By looking at the posts and number of comments you can grab some good keyword ideas


You can use the RSS feed to get keyword idea