Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Every website owner needs a high search volume keyword with a high conversion rate.

Keywords are competitive and everyone is competing to get their site in SERP but those positions are limited.

So how can we achieve our goal of bring organic traffic to site and convert them to sales?

Answer is Long Tail keywords and Low search volume keywords.

Google understands in a perfect way day by day what users are looking for when they execute search. Now google can give good answers when users enter long tail keywords. So when you build content for your website try to develop content around your topic. Do not build content around any single keyword and that is not going to work now.

If you want to analyse the keyword difficulty you can use the following tools. Each tool shows the different levels of the strength.

1 SEMrush


3 Sistrix

4 Moz Pro

5 Longtail Pro

6 KWfinder


8 SECockpit

Things to remember

Do not use the traditional keyword-finding strategy where you select a high search volume keyword and develop content with an eye to get some traffic to the website. Because this method is very hard and ineffective. Instead, use the following method to find promising keywords.


Look for search terms with three words ( with low KD and high PPC value)