eBay V/s Shopify Dropshipping

Last Updated:May 3, 2021

eBay vs Shopify Dropshipping Business!! 

Across the world, many enthusiasts are deeply interested in starting their own online business but do not understand where to begin.

Need your own website?

Well, read further to understand how you can start your online store without owning a website!

One of the latest and popular online business models is Dropshipping Online Business!

Why is this type of business model chosen not only by the novice entrants but also by the stalwarts as well?

Capital: Most of the people do not have enough capital to start their online business, hence they prefer dropshipping business.

Experience: Many of them fail to have the e-commerce selling experience that compels them to go ahead with some of the computer (internet) related business or reliable models like a dropshipping business.

No Website Required: Commencing an online business without creating a website is a plus point.

Going further ahead in Dropshipping Business – the new entrants are confused about how to go ahead with this business model, especially when different business houses are offering dropshipping business models.

How to choose the best option?

The first step is to compare two business competitors and then opt for the best.

In this piece of article we are going to compare two giants in Dropshipping Business – eBay Dropshipping and Shopify Dropshipping:

Macro Comparison Between eBay and Shopify:

There are lots of online websites that will teach you everything about the dropshipping business. Also, some of them will mostly endorse Shopify while others will vote for eBay!

Which is the best?

If you are new to this dropshipping business, do not ignore this article and read till the end to get a concrete view about all the three major concepts – Dropshipping Business, eBay Drophsippig, and Shopify Business!

· Website Requirement: In the case of eBay Dropshipping you do not require to own a website whereas, in case of Shopify Dropshipping model you should own a website

· Advertisement Expenses: Additional marketing and advertisement expenses are not required to be incurred in the case of eBay. But in the case of Shopify, you are required to pay an additional advertisement amount.

· Website Traffic: You can select the right items’ and list them on eBay to increase your store sales. But, in the case of Shopify, you should use any additional methods to gain traffic to your website.

· Final Charges/Fees: eBay levies approximately 12% of net sale value whereas Shopify does not charge any final value charges or fees.

Micro Description Of Shopify Dropshipping Business Model:

One question always surfed across the web – why do most of the influencers or online marketers

promote Shopify?

Remember promoting a product does not mean it is the best. Yes, Shopify does have some plus points but there are certain facts as mentioned below for your extra knowledge:

Affiliate Link: Shopify will give an affiliate commission to its members. To elaborate further, if I am in the dropshipping business with Shopify then my exclusive affiliate link will be generated. Whoever commences his dropshipping business via this link, I will be liable to get a commission from Shopify!

Catchword: Shopify has become a catchword especially when it comes to dropshipping business. Hence most of the marketers prefer promoting this name as it is already well-known in this type of business.

In the case of Shopify Dropshipping Business – the following are the prerequisites:

· You should own a website: You should find the right items’, run Facebook ads, Instagrams shout-outs, PPC, etc., and work hard to drive traffic to your website.

· Finalize the supplier: When you list down any items in Shopify, you will have to find out the supplier in advance. Lots of people use AliExpress to do this kind of search, which is not very popular.

· Shipping Time: The shipping time in Shopify is a minimum of two weeks, especially in the US. It might take 8 days or 10 days to ship a product from one corner to another corner of the State.

· Item Quality: The item worth of Aliexpress is substandard. They do not qualify as a superior-quality product. Hence the chances of rejection are very high. It is like selling an item blindfolded through Aliexpress.

Lots of initial activities are required in the case of Shopify.

Micro Description Of eBay Dropshipping Business Model:

eBay Dropshipping Business – you just have to go to the website and put the pictures of your products. Following are the positive facts of eBay Dropshipping Business Model:

· You need not own a website

· You need not drive people to your website. (eBay will take care of it)

· Use HD quality visuals

· Give very attractive product descriptions

Yes, you can promote your store or your products by paying some additional costs to eBay.

· You need not have to pay any additional advertisement costs in the initial stages to eBay.

· But once your product is sold, and then you can ask for the advertisement campaign from eBay by paying an extra 2% or 3% of the cost to promote your product.

· This is possible because your product has given the guarantee to eBay about its demand and acceptability in the market.

· Once you can get access to this advertisement campaign your store and products will get on the first-page search results; thus ensuring increased store sales.

· Many teach US Suppliers on eBay – either wholesalers or retailers who teach to buy from the US-based sources with very fast delivery options and the product will reach their final customers with hardly any lead time, which is an added advantage.

· eBay will charge a 12% fee per product sale.

How To Sell Right Items’ On Your Dropshipping Business Model? What Is The Meaning Of Right Items’?

There are chances that your store is having superior quality items. But you do want to list them in your store always. Alternatively you can decorate your store with those items that go on with the season.

Also, give preference to those items that are in high demand during specific festivals. Christmas, Halloween is the time wherein your store should include low-cost gift items blended with excellent product mix combinations.

Fill your store with those products that go well with Father’s day and Feminine products during mother or sister’s day!

You can get the list of items sold in the past 30 days from Google Online Search and accordingly pile on your store in advance to gain an edge over the competition.

During football season, do not forget to fill in your store with all those items matching your favorite Team Color Items & their Slogans.

How Should I Proceed?

My suggestion is – you can start your Dropshipping business with eBay.

Firstly, understand all the pros and cons of this business.

Gather all the information on how to run an online business.

Your investment cost is low and with little extra efforts, you get assured sales.

Once you have understood all the ropes of this type of business then slowly shift to Shopify.


Remember, there is no free lunch – across the world

Some investments are to be made. eBay will charge around 12% of the final value sale and surely it is not something to be questioned for! Without any kind of other expenses, if you are giving 12% commission then definitely it is worth trying EBay over Shopify!

It means that your net margin or the mark-up price is around 22% (12% goes to eBay and you are left with 10%) – that is still a very huge margin offered by eBay. Most of the people do excellent business through eBay with around 10% margin on their products.

Well, Shopify does not charge any kind of value charges, but there are other expenses involved like website hosting expenses, advertisement expenses, etc. Also, during their payment process, they do charge some fees/charges – but not as high as 12%.

Hence, it is much more advantageous to commence your Dropshipping Business with eBay rather than Shopify. Because there are lots of external strings attached to (like advertisement costs, website creating, etc.) start the business with Shopify.

All The Best And Start Your Business with eBay!