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Last Updated:June 16, 2021

In this article, you can learn all thing about the FAQ schema and how you can generate FAQ schema with WordPress plugins by following the best practices.

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What is the FAQ schema?

FAQ scheme is a special code or markup that you tell Google that this content is compatible with question and answer format. So google can show them as rich results on SERP.

In other words, this is a list of questions and answers pertaining to a particular topic

FAQ Schema

How does the FAQ schema work?

The FAQ schema works in the following way…. It is very simple.

You need to add special code to your webpage (Structured Data) where you have the FAQs.

Google and other search engines can understand the structured data (The special code you put ) which represents your FAQ text.

When the search query match with the content of your site and FAQ text Google can pull the data out and show other details on the SERP.

Why do you need FAQ-rich results?

Some of the advantages when you page appear as FAQ rich result.

  • You can provide a better user experience to searchers
  • You can get more organic traffic – (more people tend to click on this result)
  • You can get more real estate on the search engine result page
  • Improve the click-through rate
  • This will help you to increase your website’s authority

Very few people take the advantage of this FAQ schema. According to Neil Patel, less than 1% of businesses online seem to be implementing this. 

How do I create a FAQ schema?

You can submit two types of data to Google

  • Microdata – you can create in HTML format
  • JSON-LD – this JSON format

WordPress Plugins for FAQ Schema

You can easily create FAQ schema with WordPress plugin easily and without any issue.

There are seval WordPress SEO plugins available for you to create FAQ schema. Here are some of the popular plugins.

Does Rank Math support the FAQ schema?

Yes, Rank Math offer FAQ schema builder for post and pages

Rank Math is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin and one of the main competitors of the world famous SEO plugin Yoast.

In addition to FAQ block, it supports 14 different types of schemas

Does Yoast support the FAQ schema?

Yes , Yoast supports FAQ schema and you can create them with FAQ blocks. This comes with the Free version.

First you create the FAQ block available

Yoast FAQ Block

Once you place the Yoast FAQ block into the block editor you can type questions and answers.

FAQ Schema Yoast

You can see real FAQ on “WordPress Plugin Development” or you can see the bottom of this page.

How do I test the FAQ scheme?

Once you create the markup for the FAQ the next step is the validation of your page. You can validate your code using the Rich Results Test. If you find any errors you can fix those errors and validate them until you find no errors.

When you preview the page you can see following page

Schema Guidelines

When you create FAQ page to be eligible for FAQ rich results, you have to follow the guide line imposed by Google.


Is FAQ schema a rich snippet?

Yes, FAQ schema is one of rich snippets described by the Google

Do I need standalone page to markup for FAQ schema?

No, you can markup a normal page but you should have a list of questions with answers. Please refer to the guideline for more details.