Content Analysis Tools for your WordPress business

Last Updated:July 16, 2021

This is the new trend in the content development field popping up different content writing or content analysis tools. Some people say that they AI-Powered content generation tools.

Idea of these tools to help content developers product great content for the humans as well as search engines.

You can use these content tools to solve two problems.

What I am going to write about and how I am going to write about

Here is the topics you have to cover

Here are questions you have to answer

It is more like making a building block for your content. Once you have bocks for your content you can easily make the content.


Clearscope is a content optimization tool that helps you to produce content that’s highly relevant to what people are searching for.

Clearscope Content Optimization

How does the Clearscope tool work?

They do the reverse engineering process. They analyze the ranked pages for given keywords and find out the elements of the pages like terms, word count and phrases, etc. So when you write your content you can write the content to match those parameters.

There is a high chance of getting your content ranked on Google if you use Clearscope to write your content

According to the reviews from costumes, they were able to grow the organic traffic as a result of using the Clearscope in their content creation process.

Clearscope is very good content publishers, content marketers, small business owners who produce large amount of content.


You can use the MarketMuse to outperform your competition.

MarketMuse Optimization Tool

Marketmuse gives you a personalized difficulty score which tells you the difficulty level of your topic. This is not a typical keyword difficulty but the difficulty score is calculated based on your site and its content.

You can get the content brief outlining everything you have to create  including topics to cover, word count to aim for, and KPIs to meet in their writing.

Finally it can use natural language processing to generate content

Try Marketmuse for Free

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MarketMuse Price

I just tried to use the trial version. Once you signed up they are going to show you the pricing page like below. I do not like to enter my CC details unless they do not offer you the free trial as they have described.


Surfer uses a data-driven model and tools analyze what’s working for top-performing pages and use that knowledge to outrank them.

In other words Surfer SEO uses the reverse engineering process to optimize the content and give you suggestions.