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Do you know that only the best 5% of content ranks on top of the search engines?

According to a recent Technavio report, the content marketing industry—which is already expected to be worth over $412 billion by 2021—will grow by an additional $269 billion through 2024

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Here are the traffic stats and the number of pages of the most popular WordPress businesses.

WordPress Website Traffic (June 2021)

What can you learn from the above table?

By looking at the Traffic and Number of Pages, you can get an idea of how much content you have to publish to get considerable of amount traffic to your website.

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Are 50,000 words enough to get good traffic to my website?

No, 50,000 is not enough. If you can build a site with 100,000 words (at least 20 pillar posts), then you have a higher chance of getting enough traffic to run your business. You can use the PPC campaign to accelerate the business. 

You can invest a portion of revenue to increase the number of words to 1 000,000 so that you can reach a broader audience by creating content on various topics.

I do not publish the contents we create here because buyers do not like them being indexed by Google.

So I send a newsletter every Monday with new content created and contents from the existing bank.

If you would like to buy an article you can email me with the name of the article and I will send you the Paypal invoice.

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