Best WordPress Project Management Plugins in 2023

Last Updated:June 26, 2023

WordPress offers several project management plugins that can help you organize and manage projects directly within your WordPress website. Here are some popular project management plugins for WordPress:

  1. WP Project Manager: WP Project Manager is a comprehensive project management plugin with features such as task management, milestone tracking, file sharing, team collaboration, and time tracking. It offers both free and premium versions.
  2. UpStream: UpStream is a flexible project management plugin that allows you to create projects, tasks, and milestones. It provides features like task assignments, file attachments, discussion threads, and project timelines. It has a free version available as well as premium add-ons for additional functionality.
  3. Project Panorama: Project Panorama is a visually-oriented project management plugin that provides a project dashboard for tracking progress. It offers features such as task management, project timelines, progress tracking, client collaboration, and reporting. It has a free version and premium add-ons for advanced features.
  4. Kanban Boards for WordPress: Kanban Boards for WordPress brings the popular Kanban methodology to your WordPress site. It allows you to create boards, lists, and cards to visually track tasks and progress. It is a free plugin that offers a simple and intuitive interface.
  5. TaskBreaker: TaskBreaker is a lightweight project management plugin that enables task management and collaboration within your WordPress website. It includes features like task creation, assignment, progress tracking, and commenting. TaskBreaker is a free plugin.
  6. WP Project Manager Pro (WeDevs): WP Project Manager Pro is a premium project management plugin with an extensive range of features, including task management, time tracking, invoicing, Gantt charts, file sharing, and advanced reporting. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing projects within WordPress.

These are just a few examples of project management plugins available for WordPress. The choice of the best plugin depends on your specific project management needs, budget, and desired features. It’s recommended to thoroughly research each plugin, review user ratings and feedback, and test them on a development environment before selecting the one that best suits your requirements.